R.J. Allen has a fleet of new, state of the art, dust free, high powered electric diamond grinders. These fast & efficient grinders are small and compact, that will fit through a single man door to reach tight and compact locations. We have dual head or single head grinders, depending on your project needs. Our grinders are used for trip hazard removal, uneven surfaces, ADA compliance on sidewalks / walk-ways, floor preparation, mastic / glue / coatings / adhesive and thinset removal for a clean and attractive floor surface. The rotating discs will level, make smooth, or clean the top surface of concrete slabs. 

  • High Powered 7.5 HP – 480V – 3 Phase electric.
  • Dual Head diamond disc – 24″ wide grinding area – 400 LBS.
  • Cost Savings – Save money grinding rather than concrete replacement.
  • Compliance – Get Compliant with ADA regulations.
  • Cleanliness – All our grinders are dust free with water application. All slurry debris is vacuumed and left clean.
  • Liability Issues – Eliminating trip hazards will reduce exposure to liability issues.