Remote-controlled demolition robot with power and access to all cramped areas, climb’s stairs, tract widener, individual controlled outriggers, attachments, breaker, grapple, buckets.

  • 30 ½” wide
  • 2,171 lbs.
  • 360 deg. Rotation
  • 15 kw (20 HP) motor / 55 KW generator
  • 12’ high reach
  • Emissions free
  • Easy to maneuver in narrow spaces

Immensely versatile remote –controlled robot designed specifically for demolition work. Fitted with hydraulic breaker, grapple bucket, bucket and other attachments, this track-based, electrically powered demolition robot can venture into interiors, hazardous environments and contained spaces to demo walls, ceilings, concrete slabs and concrete walls. The FDRX 140 which is free from emissions, can be used safely in buildings that are still occupied and operational.