Diesel / Gas / Hydraulic / Electric Saw Trucks


Flat Sawing is an efficient means of cutting any flat surface aggregate. It is quick and precise, used to cut horizontal surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, expansion joints, and pavement.

R.J. Allen offers a fleet of 44HP and 66HP new modeled, highly efficient diesel powered flat saws complimented with 30HP electric and hydraulic for your indoor and outdoor saw cutting, capable of cutting through concrete and asphalt to a depth of 24″.

  • 66HP Diesel – 1,892 LBS.
    67″ long x 38″ wide x 57″ high.
    Cutting depth 24″ deep.
  • 44HP Diesel – 1,490 LBS.
    Dimensions – 56″ long x 33″ wide x 51″ high.
    Cutting depth 20″ deep.
  • 30HP Electric – 1,100 LBS.
    Dimensions – 48″ long x 30″ wide x 46″ high.
    Cutting depth 18″ deep.


We have an assortment of electric and hydraulic drills capable of drilling ½” to 30” diameter holes into asphalt and concrete slabs, walls and foundations to any depth. We drill for bollards, guard post, handrails, conduit, plumbing, seismic or any other specific needs.


Gas, Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic powered hand saws for cutting difficult access ares to a depth of 10″ deep.


With diamond-edged chainsaws, we can cut to a depth of 15″ and openings as small as 6″ square with no over cutting.


Horizontal and vertical cuts into concrete,  poured in place walls, brick and block wall openings up to 24″ thick; for clean and professionally cut man doors, windows, roll up doors and HVAC ducts. Flush cutting at slabs, walls or corners. Chamfering is also available upon request.