Southern California Edison

At R.J. Allen, Inc., we have always had a proud tradition of supporting SCE and its staff.  Throughout our 26 year history, we have always been proactive in setting goals to insure that SCE will benefit from our improving growth.  SCE and R.J. Allen, Inc. have both put a lot of valuable time to create this strategic alliance and it’s a great success.

  • 100% Attendance
  • 100% Safety record – No accidents/injuries
  • 100% Response to emergencies

Various Projects – SCE Civil / Sub stations:

  • Remove rock from work areas
  • Break and remove existing concrete breaker pads
  • Excavate trenches for conduct.  Backfill & complete trenches
  • Excavate foundations for new breaker pads
  • Excavate for copper grids/grounding
  • Auger holes for case pylons
  • Grade and re-rock substation areas

SCE Transmission sites:

  • Excavate trenches for perimeter fencing areas
  • Install felt fencing around towers to contain interior dirt and keep reptiles/animals out of tower areas
  • Auger holes for alignment poles
  • BMP – Sand bags, straw waddles & containment
  • Hydro seeding with water trucks
  • Maintain sites, power poles, weed abatement